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Su Doku  puzzle game

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Ultimate Su Doku has all the features you would expect from a Su Doku PC CD-ROM game. However, Ultimate Su Doku not only offers over 1 million unique games from easy to horrendously hard, it brings a new dimension for the Su Doku enthusiast...20 iconic themes to test your logic and patience - not convinced? Wait till you try it! 
Feature list:- 
• 3 levels of difficulty 
• 4x4, 6x6, 8x8 and 9x9 grid sizes 
• Over 1 million unique games 
• Includes a theme editor to create your own unique themes! 
• Print out puzzles (PC only) 
• Reveal answer to whole grid or 1 square 
• Enter your own puzzle from your favorite newspaper or magazine to find the solution 
• solve individual squares or the entire puzzle 
• 20 themes including Numbers (traditional), Children's, Christmas, Halloween & Farm. 
• Undo feature – to help ease small mistakes 

Maj Jong puzzle game

gcse maths

Buy now for Only £7.99

Mah Jong Deluxe delivers this captivating puzzle game with more features and beautiful graphics than ever before. 
From the depths of oriental ancestry came a historic puzzle game that took the world by storm: Mah Jong. Now, Mah Jong Deluxe delivers this captivating puzzle game with more features and beautiful graphics than ever before. 

* A timeless puzzle game 
* Thousands of possible combinations 
* Create your own tilesets 
* Beautiful backgrounds 
* Larger-than-life levels 
* Professional art and music 

Harmoney Blocks puzzle game

gcse music

Buy now for Only £7.99

Harmony Blocks is a relaxing but addictive puzzle game that will keep you coming back for more. Its easy interface and tranquil scenarios make the game calm and enjoyable, while the challenging gameplay and multitude of levels will keep your brain stimulated. 
The aim of the game is simple. You have a stack of blocks that you need to clear, by removing blocks in pairs. However, being only able to remove blocks from the edge means that the game quickly becomes harder than you first might have thought! 

* Addictive puzzle gameplay 
* Tranquil playing environments 
* More than 45 unique levels 
* 7 Tilesets with 3 Scenes 
* Includes tileset creator 
* Easy mode for beginners 
* Test your skill with Challenge Mode

Word Yo puzzle game

gcse chemistry

Buy now for Only £7.99

You'll be lost for words at how fun this game is! Match letters up to find words and score points before your time runs out, in

Word Yo! 

              * Captivating Puzzle Play 
              * Spell Words for Points 
              * 3 Game Types 
              * 3 Difficulty Modes 
              * Score Big Points with Bonus Tiles 
              * Brain-Bending Word Weaving! 

Ultimate Kakuro puzzle game

gcse electronics

Buy now for Only £7.99

 The word Kakuro comes from the Japanese “Kasan Kurosu” meaning “Addition” and “Across”. The easiest way to describe this is as a crossword puzzle where the letters are replaced by numbers. No complicated mathematics is required to solve a Kakuro puzzle, just simple addition skills using the numbers 0 to 9. Hours of fun for the whole family.

- Millions of puzzles
- Easy to use controls
- Auto pencil marks to help you solve a puzzlePrint your puzzles
- Built in timer so that you can try to beat your record
- Combination Lists to show all possible sequences
- Puzzle sizes from 4x4 to 15x15Four skill levels
- Load / Save your puzzlesShare puzzles with your friends and family
- High score table for each saved puzzle
- Pause game feature
- Create and solve your own Kakuro puzzles. 

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