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 GSP Learn to Use Office Tutorials
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Only £30.00.00 inclusive

Learn to Use Office Tutorials Mega Pack 2007

Interactive demonstrations and video clips 
Easy-to-work-through chapters 
The basics through to advanced features 
Comprehensive training lets you learn at your own pace 
Look at what you’ll be able to learn in just a few minutes!... 

STEP 1 – Choose your topic 

The program is divided into chapters, which are then broken down into easy-to-master sections which you can study in any order. Simply choose the topic you want to learn more about. 

STEP 2 – Study the basics 

Read through a short description of the key points to help you follow the on-screen demonstration. 

STEP 3 – Watch how the experts do it! 

Sit back and watch as the program shows you what to do. The tutor's voice talks you through each step as the screen video plays. You can watch it as many times as you want to make sure you've remembered everything. 

STEP 4 – Practise it 

Try out what you've learnt in an interactive tutorial that simulates the Word 2007 environment. 

STEP 5 – Do it! 

Now it's time to actually do it in your own copy of Word 2007. Follow the instructions in the pop-up window while you work through the task yourself 

GSP Learn to use microsoft Word 2007

Only £11.00 inclusive


Using Word for the first time 

Creating/opening and saving documents 
Print preview and printing 
Selecting, copying, pasting text 
Find and replace text 

Getting into good habits 

Keyboard shortcuts 
Automatic save 
Accessing documents 
Click and Type feature 

Formatting a document 

Margins, format and orientation 
Character/paragraph formatting 
Tabs, Bullets and Numbering 
Background, borders and shading 


Time Saving Tips 

Headers & Footers 
Styles & Templates 
Using themes 


Creating and formatting a table 
Selections in a table 
Merging/splitting/formatting cells 


Inserting a picture 
Changing picture characteristics 
Wrapping text 
Inserting a diagram 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Symbols and special characters 
Footnotes / Headers / Page Numbers 
Mail merging / Emailing documents 

GSP Learn to use microsoft Excel 2007

Only £11.00 inclusive 


Getting started 

Starting with Microsoft® Excel 2007 
Keyboard shortcuts 
Pop-up menus 

File management 

Creating, opening, saving & printing 
Adding/Deleting sheets 

Selections & Movements 

Select, cut, copy & paste functions 
Setting a data entry range/Transposing data 

Working with worksheets 

Entering data/Custom lists 
Numeral data series and dates 
Naming a range of cells 
Auto calculation 
Comparing workbooks 
Sorting/Filtering data 
Automating work with a macro 


Formatting worksheets
Inserting/deleting rows, columns & cells 
Setting height/width of rows, columns & cells 
Formatting numbers and changing margins, headers and footers 
Using tables/Formatting with themes 

Display and page setup 

Protecting a file or worksheet 
Adding comments/Freezing panes 
Page setup for printing 
Changing margins 
Headers and footers 

Illustrating & graph processing 

Inserting a picture 
Automatic shapes 
Creating a chart

GSP Learn to use microsoft Powerpoint 2007

Only £11.00 inclusive 


Getting Started 

What you can do with Powerpoint 
Understanding Views 
Copying, cutting & pasting 

Your First Presentation 

Creating a new presentation 
Using a Design template 
Creating a photo album 
Inserting a new slide 

Adding Objects to Slides 

Working with text/Adding pictures 
Inserting an audio track 
Adding a movie/charts 
Automatic Shapes 
Embedding tables 
Adding clipart 


Annotating & Formatting Slides 

Adding notes and comments 
Changing the slide background 
Aligning and grouping objects 
Page Setup and Printing 

Delivering Presentations 

Using action buttons 
Web presentations 
Printing Handouts 
Setting timings for a slide show 

Advanced Features

Animating text and objects 
Add effects to text 
Adding internet hyperlinks 
Style Sorter/Hiding slides 

Working with other people 

Sending presentations by email 
Converting to PDF files 
Presentation encryption 

GSP Learn to use microsoft Outlook 2007

Only £11.00 inclusive 


First Steps with Outlook

Starting Outlook 
Creating a message Account 
Using several message accounts 
The Outlook Window 

Email Module 

Inbox and Outbox 
Junk E-mail Filter 
Sending messages to multiple recipients 
Formatting a message 
Attaching files 
Adding pictures/shapes/diagrams etc. 
Electronic Signatures 
Business Cards 
Spell Checking and Grammar 
Sending/receiving/forwarding messages 


Calendar Module 

Setting up an appointment 
Sharing calendars 
Printing a calendar 

Contacts Module 

Viewing and modifying a contact 
Making use of a contact 
Mail Merge 

Newsgroups with Window Mail 

Setting up access to newsgroups 
Viewing/sorting/finding mail 
Setting up message rules 

Internet Explorer 

Changing the home page 
Searching the web 
Downloading files 
Phishing Filter/Pop-Up Blocker 
Parental Controls 

GSP Learn to use microsoft Windoows Vistar

Not in stock

Topics Include:

Discover Windows Vista™ 

Is your PC ready for Windows Vista™? 
The benefits of Windows Vista™ 
Graphical User Interface 
Documents, pictures and music 
Windows Vista™ Accessories 
Installing/Removing a font 
Speech recognition 
The Sidebar 
Making the most of Windows Vista™ 
User Access Controls 
Switching between users 
The Start Menu and Quick Search 
Windows® help and support 
Program Compatibility Wizard

Customising and Settings 

The Control Panel 
Setting up a printer 
Installing/Uninstalling a program 


Disk Operations 

Views in Windows© Explorer 
Copy files quickly 
Disk Cleanup 


What's new in Internet Explorer® 
Searching on the Web 
Pop-up Blocker 
Parental Controls 
The Windows Vista™ Firewall 
Windows Security Centre


Windows® Media Player 
Copy files and folders to CDs and DVDs 
Synchronising mobile devices 
Windows® Movie Maker 
Media Centre 
plus much, much more........ 

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